Amsterdam School

My Street

I bought my apartment mainly because I just loved the street and the architecture of the houses. They had so nice features and curves, that I just had to live there. And so I did. Soon, I found out that this building opposite my house was considered part of the Amsterdam School movement.

Museum Het Schip

There are a few buildings well-known for their architecture by the Amsterdam School architects in Amsterdam, such as the museums Het Schip and the Dageraad. But biking through the city on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I discovered more buildings with the same characteristics. And it appeared that these incredible houses where apartments for families. in such a stunning house.

Although I heard that the interior of most of these houses is not the same quality as the outside. Build in 1916-1930 it does not always live up to the standards of live today. Small windows and cold. But hey, put in a few light bulbs and a good gas stove and you are living in a stunning monument.

Exhibition and Tour

The Amsterdam School is now 100 years old, so it gets a lot of attention. The Stedelijk Museum (next to the Van Gogh museum) has an exhibition about the interior design. Or take a bus tour from April to August that will take you along a lot of places in Amsterdam where you can admire the Amsterdam School (booked at Museum Het Schip). I still have to do that.

Have a drink at the hotel Amrath or you can sleep over in a room with typical Amsterdam School interior.

Or you can walk through my street and say hello!