Sleeping in Amsterdam

I like sleeping in weird but safe places. Also close to home there are opportunities to have nice sleepover experiences. Of course, there are hotels, airBNB or B&B, but sometimes you find some odd spots to rest your head in Amsterdam!

Last year October I stayed for 24 hrs in an art project by Emmeline de Mooij, in a small bridge watcher house at the Theofile de Bockbrug. An art project during the 24 hrs South festival. It was a 24 hrs convent. A toilet and water, nothing else. Give your smart phone as a deposit to the art gallery and take your own food and sleeping bag. The room was designed as a uterus with a talking placenta to which you could talk. 24 hrs solitude in the middle of Amsterdam. It was a very interesting experience. Peaceful. However, I sneaked out to get a two-hour walk in the Vondelpark.

Art Camping

Every year a group of artists set up a campsite somewhere in or around Amsterdam. You can make a reservation through airBNB and pick out the object you like. In 2015 the camp site was set up on the beach in IJburg, a new part of Amsterdam. I slept in the wooden hut with a ceiling like a cathedral. But you could also choose a bug, a space ship, sleep in a trampoline tent and many other crazy structures. A wonderful experience. 

Next year

On the night before Kingsday (26/27th of April) I plan to put my tent up on the Apollolaan. It is just around the corner. People are camping on this posh street, so that they can get up early to sell all their old stuff to the public. I just want to camp and enjoy the fact that I can put up a tent on a piece of grass land in the street, right in the middle of Amsterdam. So now I am hoping for good weather. This year we had hail, so I stayed at home. Chicken me. 

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