Making Tulip Tiles



My friend Winnie said she was coming over on Saturday to help me with the first batch of Tulip tiles. In the past few months, I figured out how to create these tiles. I had the tulip images reproduced on special transfer paper, picked out the right tiles - with a natural handmade feeling -and took care of all the other ingredients. Bought some nice snacks and drinks and we started in the early morning.


The transfers have to be cut just a tiny bit smaller then the tiles otherwise the edges will crack. I cleaned the tiles, so no greasy stuff stays behind. Winnie took the job of applying the transfers to the tile: first soaking them in water and then carefully applying them on the tile with the small rubber gadget to remove air bubbles.

OK -- I did not have an optimal production scheme yet, so I put the tile everywhere in the house for the drying process.

This takes about 4 hours.


After drying the transfers are still vulnerable. When trying to find the right production method for the tiles I tried a number of coating methods. Finally, I found a company that made lacquer based on water. No scent and quick drying. Always handy in an old house full of dust.

The lacquer was not shiny enough, so I applied a second coating with gloss. And, just to be sure, I also applied a third coat. Now they can even be used as a coaster.

Finishing touch

After I let it harden for a couple of days, I cut out felt for protection on the bottom of the tile.

I also sticker them with a "made in Amsterdam" message and put them in an individual box with a wrapper.

Now, let's see how soon I will have to make another appointment with Winnie to produce the next batch!

Tulips, TilesLynsey Chediak